Reservation of Windows 10 through Windows Update

Microsoft has made changes to the system, Windows backup 10 computers running Windows 7 and 8.1. Backup will download the Windows 10. You will need to determine when an update is downloaded, but the installation process significantly speeds up, because you don’t have to wait to download 3 Gb size file.
Microsoft Windows 7 users and reminds 8.1 Windows appears, about 10 on the Desktop Control Panel. There also are links where you can reserve a copy of the operating system. When you click “Reserve” Get Windows App opens, and you can complete your registration by entering your email address. After that, every time you return to the Control Panel on your computer, you will see the following picture.

Updated Office 2016 for Windows

In may, Microsoft has provided for the public technical Office 2016 for Windows. There are now more than one million users of the software product to the Windows and Mac devices. Office developers are getting a lot of telemetry options and reviews that will help them continue to improve the next version of Office. Now these users receive first update trial software package.
Kirk Kenigsbauèr, Corporate Vice President of Office Client Applications and Services, outlined some of the changes to product in the magazine Office.
Real Time Presence in Word. Keyboard input technology in real time (Real Time Typing) appear in the following assemblies, and in the meantime submitted Wednesday a key component of teamwork — Real Time Presence. Thanks to him, you can see which part of the document editing other members of the group. First access to the functions get subscribers OneDrive Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit System Builder OEM PC Disc

for Business, but soon users will be expanded.
Simplified file sharing. Simplified file sharing, open to view, add, and modify the windows 10  home product key comments of others. Just click Share (shared) on the Ribbon to save the file in the “cloud” and make it available to colleagues in one step.
Insights for Office (in Word and Outlook). Insights based on Bing provides contextual information from the Internet directly while reading. Enjoy its possibilities, choosing keywords such as the names of the people or place names in content, and see how the Insights issues relevant information in the task pane.
Changes in the version history. It is now easier to find different versions of files saved in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. You can use the History command in the File menu to view or restore any previous version.
The program windows 10 pro keys sale is still open for subscriptions to all comers — just visit the site Office 2016 Preview and download the Installer file. The same file can be used to test if you are subscriber of Office 365, or just want to install the standalone version. When you first start an Office program 2016 Preview, enter the product key provided to use the standalone version instead of the e-mail address.
Users of Office 365 will need to perform a few extra steps windows 10 pro product key that depend on the type of subscription to Office 365 (Home or Enterprise). These steps are described on the Office Preview 2016.
CJSC “Tambovnefteprodukt” uses DeviceLock

Company UAB “Tambovnefteprodukt”, which is part of the JSC «NK Rosneft», engaged in wholesale and retail trade of petroleum products. Enterprise IT infrastructure includes more than 300 jobs. To prevent use by the unrecorded media, it was decided to purchase and introduction of software product DeviceLock ®. This product has been chosen as uniquely suited to the task of managing ports and devices at the workplace of users, given the optimal price-quality ratio and rapid response technical support services.
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By default in Windows 7 the option to automatically download and install updates. Retrieves the operating system service packs with Microsoft server every time you connect the computer to the Internet. In theory, the automatic updates are useful, as are called to patching holes, modify system files and optimize windows 7 product key the performance of Windows, but in practice there are a number of reasons for deciding to disable Windows Update. Take a look at the main reasons:

There have been cases where due to updates or due to critical bugs during buy windows 7 product key installation have failed them, that caused the break Windows;
Over time, service packs installed is getting bigger, and the free space on the system drive, that could lead to disruption in the case of small Windows on drive C;
During downloading updates Internet speed can make a big fall (especially noticeable for users with small Internet channels), some users can swipe can afford (if Internet is limited or the package is connected with the payment for the traffic);
Many annoying that you cannot install Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Product Keys updates, turn off the computer and sometimes rather long wait for the process;
The use of pirated versions of Windows can restrict the functionality of your operating system when you try to download updates;
There are a whole list of reasons that less significant in this article, I will not be considered.
Go straight to ways to disable Windows 7 updates.

How to disable Windows 7 completely
To completely disable Windows 7 updates, you need to get into the management of Windows services. To do this, click Start-Control Panel — > > Administration — > or Start — Control Panel — > > system and security — > administration — > service.

Mouse wheel, scroll to the bottom and open the Windows Update service. In the opened window select Startup type “Disabled”, then click “stop” and then click “apply”.

You can close all open Windows. Update for Windows 7 is now completely disabled. If necessary, you can include the update in the same way.

How to disable automatic updates for Windows 7
If you do not want to completely disable the update, you can disable automatic updates for Windows 7 only. When you do this, you will have the opportunity to download updates manually. To do this go to start-Control Panel — > > Windows Update or Start — Control Panel — > > system and security — > Windows Update. Click “configure settings” in the left menu.

In the window that opens, select never check  Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Product Keys for updates (not recommended), it is also advisable to remove the checkboxes below. Click “OK” at the bottom of the window to confirm the changes.

Now Windows 7 automatic update is disabled. To manually download updates, you can at any time go to Windows Update and click “check for updates”.